Why One Direction And Little Mix Are This Decades ‘Third Wave’ British Invasion Of The U.S. – #BritishPower

One Direction and Little Mix.

Two of the biggest groups to come out of the U.K. this decade. Not only two of the biggest groups, but two of the biggest groups to make an immense impact on the music industry in terms of music sales and inspiring teens everywhere.

Combined, both groups have sold over 72 million records worldwide!

In addition, One Direction have 4 U.K. number ones while Little Mix have 3 number ones. That’s a whopping 7 U.K. numbers ones in total together. Pretty amazing if you ask me, considering how hard it can
be to snatch a coveted number one single.

The main questions many non-fans are probably wondering is why are these groups so successful and why have
they become so successful? Well apart from the apparent talent, at the time that these two groups were sent onto the music scene, there was a gap in the music industry that needed to be filled.

What gap was that? Well the teen-demographic gap. This is where boy and girl bands seem to fit in perfectly.
Think of the late 90’s when the Spice Girls, the Backstreet Boys and N’Sync became immensely popular. There was, just like today, a major gap, a need for boy/girl groups because of that existing demographic.

In the wave of popular R&B artists, hip-hop, alternative rock, and house music, the return of pop and teen pop music was crying to be heard. No sooner than later did this illusion finally become true.

Similar to this decade, both Little Mix and One Direction came in at the right time. In addition, many British artists/groups have had hard times trying to break through into the U.S. market. Again, this has been readily accomplished by Little Mix and One Direction thanks to that major teen demographic and of course, interest.

Little Mix already have two top ten albums in the U.S., while One Direction have 4 consecutive number one albums. Groundbreaking indeed.

Seeing artists succeed worldwide is always a good thing. Sometimes competition can arise from the media
comparing groups continuously. At the end of day, what matters is the positivity, the music, and how much
one has accomplished.

That’s why Little Mix and One Direction are that third wave of British Acts to succeed in the United States (and worldwide): Because of their steady success, talent and passion for music.

The groups’ respective messages are heard by their millions of fans worldwide and it all makes sense too.

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Written by Dannii C.

girl group advocate. latino. prospective teacher. multi-instrumentalist. self-proclaimed Twitter-ologist @oscahhhhh.