Why the media need to stop body shaming Cheryl

Since the beginning of The X Factor 2015 auditions this July, all there has been is constant body shaming of, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, from the media, and this has led to trolls online bullying the petite Geordie over her naturally slim frame.

The kind hearted singer, has had to put up with constant bullying from trolls and the press, who think it’s OK to skinny shame her at every opportunity.

The pretty star has always been slim, and if you look at photos from last years X Factor, you can see her figure hasn’t changed, the only change is in her eyes, which now sparkle with happiness.

Why the media need to stop body shaming Cheryl 1
Cheryl in 2014 and 2015

The media seem to think that because she is a celebrity it is fine to bully her, well it’s not, just because someone is in the public eye, it doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings, at the end of the day we are all human.

Nobody deserves to be bullied everyday over what they look like, or what shape their body is, it’s nobodies business as to what dress size a person is.

You can tell, Cheryl, is healthy and happier than ever, so everyone needs to stop the body shaming.

Cheryl, is gorgeous just the way she is, she is not only stunning on the outside but she has a heart of gold, and earlier this year she set up her own charity called the, Cheryl’s Trust, to help disadvantaged and unemployed young people, get their lives on track.

For more info on the work of the brilliant charity, you can visit the Cheryl’s Trust website.




Written by Laura Klonowski

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