Why Vamps shows are memorable

If you’ve ever been to a Vamps concert you will know that it will definitely be a night you’ll remember for a long time. (We’re guilty.) We love The Vamps so we thought that we would give you a rundown of why we think their shows are memorable.

1. They have a good variety of songs on the set list

If you’ve been lucky enough to go to a Vamps show you would’ve noticed the variety of songs on their set list. It can range from ‘Can We Dance’ which gets the crowd really excited and jumping around, to ‘Risk It All’ which is very stripped back and makes everyone a bit emotional. We love this because it means they’ve got something for everyone and even the parents love having a dance when they can.
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2. They put so much energy into their shows

You can tell from the sweat dripping off of the boys that they well and truly put everything into every show. Their energy reflects on the audience too and makes us even more energetic so it really adds to the atmosphere of the venue.

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3. They get the audience involved in the show

Whether it’s getting fans up on stage or making the crowd all dance along, The Vamps are amazing for getting the fans involved in their shows and it just shows what a great community of fans they’ve got. It’s also pretty amazing when everyone at the show claps along at the same time, it just makes it feel even more special.

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4. They have an amazing set

The Vamps have such amazing lighting and other things incorporated into the shows. We especially loved Tristan’s moving drum set last year and the layout of the show. The confetti was also very cool and it made the show even more colourful.

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5. They have great support acts

The Vamps know how to hype their crowd by giving us great support acts and they never disappoint. They’ve had the likes of HomeTown, Union J, The Tide and Luke Friend before and they all put on an amazing set which gets us even more excited for The Vamps to come out on stage.

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Written by CelebMix