Why we love CHVRCHES’ Lauren Mayberry

Lauren Mayberry, Lead singer of Scottish electronic band CHVRCHES can certainly sing and play keyboards. Not to mention CHVRCHES’ music is damn catchy and well written. But there are a whole lot of other reasons why we just love Lauren Mayberry and you should too!

1. She’s super smart and well educated – she has a law degree and a masters in journalism. She once said that she thinks lyrics are an important part of music, and you can certainly guarantee that hers are well thought-out and put together.

2. She has a wicked sense of humour – the band pulled a prank on their manager by playing him a false ‘new song’ when they were in the studio recording…
Plot summary: It sounded horrific, he was horrified, and hilarity ensues.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wKJMIqOXyo]

3. She stands up for herself (and women in general) and doesn’t suffer idiots – for some reason she has had many misogynistic and downright offensive comments directed at her, and she just won’t stand for it. She has posted many comments on social media hitting back at her attackers, and she wrote a blog post standing up for women’s rights where she strongly voices that she will not tolerate the online misogyny she has had thrown at her.
Read her post here.

4. She is hilariously quirky and downright loveable – read any interview with her and you will find that her interesting way of describing things, not to mention her charm will win you over in seconds.

5. CHVRCHES write amazing music and perhaps their best songs are ones you haven’t even heard yet (unless you’re actually a huge fan, in which case congratulations!)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GxIhBQAyL8]

Written by CelebMix