Why We’re So Pumped And Proud Of Little Mix And Their Get Weird Tour

FANGIRL ALERT, FANGIRL ALERT! Little Mix’s Get Weird Tour is in a mere few days and LITERALLY right around the corner that we just can’t contain our excitement!

This tour has proved to be mighty successful as it’s almost completely sold out! Approximately 500,000 people are going to be seeing Little Mix. That number is absolutely insane! Could you imagine if there was a stadium that could hold that many people ALL at a Little Mix concert?

Whew, we’re just starstruck thinking about it!

Anyway, as you may have not already known, Little Mix’s Get Weird Tour is also the best selling girl group tour this decade in terms of attendance meaning their seriously the ultimate girl group! (we have the receipts, check out the information by clicking here!)

But really, the focal point of this is to say how proud we are of Little Mix for working their bums off to deliver a grand tour that will probably be talked about for ages to come. They’ve teased so many things lately, including one picture on Twitter of the MixMen on the floor! Check it out below!

These girls are not playing y’all. Be prepared because the world is about to see and hear ‘Little Mix’ all around the social media world (and just outer world in general).

Again, thank you girls for delivering on every performance and for working hard. You deserve every piece of success that you have AND that will be coming your way.

If you’re going to the Get Weird Tour, get out your GET WEIRD flag and LET US KNOW by tagging us on Twitter @CelebMix! If you’re not, don’t worry; we’re hoping the girls do some kind of Get Weird Movie Tour DVD. It sounds perfectly dreamy and possible.

Written by Dannii C.

girl group advocate. latino. prospective teacher. multi-instrumentalist. self-proclaimed Twitter-ologist @oscahhhhh.