Why You Need To Subscribe To Lyss Ryann

Summer is the perfect time to discover a new YouTuber, it means you have the time to binge-watch years worth of content in a week. If your subscription box is looking a bit empty, or you just need a new obsession in your life, then this post could hold the answer to your dilemma.

Lyss Ryann is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle vlogger, and currently has over 45,000 subscribers and nearly 2 million views. In my opinion, she deserves much more recognition. Her videos range from makeup tutorials to guides on how to be your happiest self.

She is considered to be a “smaller YouTuber” but her videos are of very high quality and creativity that is sometimes hard to find with more “well-known” YouTubers. Many vloggers say their goal is to make their audience feel happier and laugh more, and Lyss definitely achieves this on her channel.

Lyss is beautiful inside and out, and her bubbly personality makes her 100% likeable. Not to mention her flawless makeup skills and hair brighter than my future. Her outlook on life and her connection with the universe is so refreshing and a huge eye-opener. Lyss is an inspiration to me and many of her viewers. The positivity in her videos is contagious and each one teaches her viewers that being crazy and a complete dork is okay!

She regularly interacts with her viewers in the comments of YouTube and on other social media and treats every one of us as if we’re her best friend. Lyss is the definition of a beautiful soul and if you’re looking for videos based on anything to do with beauty and fashion or you just need a laugh or an inspirational pick-me-up, her videos are the number one source for all of this.

You can watch Lyss’ latest video here: [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxVEYvN-C5Q]

I hope you find her videos as life-changing as I have.

Written by CelebMix