Wiktoria Releases Debut Christmas Song “Not Just For Xmas”

We have another brand new Christmas song, this time it’s from Wiktoria. “Not Just For Xmas” is certainly a song for the Christmas playlists. It’s catchy, it’s cute, and it fully shows off this amazing Swedish female singer.

Wiktoria Johansson is mostly known for competing in Melodifestivalen 2016 and 2017, which is the Swedish national selection show for Eurovision. She came fourth in 2016 with the song “Save Me”, and she came sixth in 2017 with the song “As I Lay Me Down”. Both of the songs subsequently charted in Sweden at numbers three and two respectively.

Now we have her first ever Christmas song and, boy, does she bring the festive spirit. It has a jovial beat and an up-tempo backing track making it one song we can’t stop listening to. It was written by Joe Killington, Alex White and Katerina Bramley, whilst it was produced by Torbjörn Petersson.

Listen To Wiktoria’s “Not Just For Xmas” Here:

“Not Just For Xmas” is one of those songs that sounds like a classic. It’s a rich emotional track, just like all the amazing Christmas songs that have been released. There’s plenty of honest lyrics with Wiktoria simply impressing with her vocals and raw honesty.

As for the track itself, it’s full of sleigh bells and cheers, mixed up in a throwback to Motown; which we have come to expect from Christmas songs. We have no doubt that this will become a treasured hit by many and will surely become a classic as the years go by.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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