Wild Youth explore the celebratory feeling of falling in love in “Champagne Butterflies”

In 2020, Dublin-based pop group Wild Youth went back to basics: they locked themselves in a studio. Although, the band tried to remain healthy and re-connect with family and friends who they hadn’t got to spend much time with previously. 2020 was a crazy year, to say the least, with some major lows and some unexpected highs for the band personally and professionally.

In 2021, though, Wild Youth are a band excited to release everything they have been working on in 2020.

Wild Youth’s newest single “Champagne Butterflies” is now out, and it is a song about about the celebratory butterflies you feel when you start to fall in love, the magic feeling you get when you spend time with that person, get a text from them or anything.

“It was actually a want to feel that feeling and since writing it I have felt that feeling and it’s exactly how the song describes,” the band reveal to CelebMix. “Written, we demoed then played it live to feel the vibe. Then recorded it.”

A lot, it always does – we write from a real place. And that won’t ever change.

Wild Youth on creating music.

With this song, the band want listeners to feel some sort of relatability, and to connect with the lyrics in a way the listener sees fit.

2021 looks to be a big year for the four-piece as they are constantly writing new material, loads of music, and living in a studio.

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