will.i.am on The Voice: “Stay true to yourself”

What’s the vibe for Series 5?
The vibe of Series 5 is alive. It’s kind of intense, rambunctious, the kids are acting up. This year’s show is hyper-individual.

Did you have any advice for our new coaches on the panel?
Just because you haven’t done this show, we’ve all been a part of the real world, prepared for huge gigs, the Brit Awards, the Grammys. They will be fine, we’ve all prepared and we take that experience with us.

What do Boy George and Paloma Faith bring to the panel?
George and Paloma both operate with no filter. There’s going to be some fireworks.

How is it working with Boy George?
George has brought some intense energy and he has brought his iconic George-ness. I’ve always been a fan of Boy George, and Culture Club. I grew up listening to him, literally. So I feel like I know him, even though I don’t know him, which is kind of weird. Culture Club sold about 50 million albums, that’s a lot. For the kids out there, records were circular disks that you played and you stuck the needle on it and it played songs, and you could feel the weight with the album cover. He sold that many of those, which is different to selling downloads.

What has Paloma brought to the show?
Paloma is magical. I like how sexy and kooky she is at the same time. Paloma being the Best Female at the Brit Awards is great for this show because there’s a lot of singers that can use that guidance and her mentoring. The females on her team will learn a lot from that, because she’s learnt a lot from this industry and she remains an individual – quirky, cool, different, feisty. Paloma has an opinion on things, and that’s important, because music has turned to this homogenised cookie-cutter robotic Barbie doll state and Paloma has a unique perspective.

Do you have any tactics coming into the new series?
I have a whole new method this series, and that is that if I see somebody out there that needs to go with Paloma, I’m gonna freaking pitch for Paloma. If I see somebody out there that needs to go with George, I’m pitching for George. If I see somebody out there that needs to be with Ricky, little slicky tricky Ricky, I’m pitching that way.

What does it take to get a turn from will.i.am?
This is my fifth series. I’ve heard many voices, some really amazing, some of them like, pretty dope. To make me turn around, you have to be packing the special sauce. If you want me to turn around, you gotta knock me out, Mike Tyson. Just don’t bite my ear off ’cause I need it to hear! You need to stay true to yourself. Whether you’re rapping, singing, beatboxing, tap dancing and yodelling at the same time, or freaking river dancing from Ireland, rapping, rapping river dancing, whatever you’re doing, if that’s what you do then that’s what you do.


Written by CelebMix