Will Leonardo DiCaprio finally win an Oscar?

The Revenant, a film by Oscar winner Alejandro G. Inarritu, has officially hit theaters and critics are buzzing about Leo’s performance as Hugh Glass; saying that this could finally be the done deal for an Oscar!

Based on a true story, DiCaprio’s character is a frontiersman who suffers brutal injuries from a vicious bear attack. Judging by the look of his torn up body, you would think that he’d die. His hunting team sure thought that he would, which is why they left him stranded helplessly. As it turns out though, his inner ambition to utilize his survival skills, helped him remain alive. And in doing so, Glass develops something deeper than just wanting to see his family again… he develops a cold-hearted vengeance.

“DiCaprio’s very good. You can really believe that his character is suffering,” claims Michael Phillips, a film critic for The Chicago Tribune.

While discussing his triumphs throughout filming, the 41 year old actor claims it to be “one of the toughest films” he’s ever been part of. “We were in Calgary for nine months in subzero weather. I think I consider it as more of a chapter in my life, rather than a film commitment.” 

The film is set to take place in the 1820’s, while simultaneously featuring Tom Hardy as John Fitzgerald and Will Poulter as Jim Bridger. But despite their impeccable performances, critics are claiming that if Leo doesn’t pull through with an Oscar win for this role, he never will for anything.

Will Leonardo DiCaprio Finally win an Oscar? 2

Well… looks like the pressure is definitely on!

The 2016 annual Academy Awards (a.k.a the Oscars) will air live on February 28th. Fingers crossed for Leo!

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Written by Victoria Christiano

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