William Ryan Key Releases EP, ‘Everything Except Desire’

Known for being in the rock band Yellowcard, William Ryan Key continued his musical journey by exploring other genres, and his new EP (Everything Except Desire) expresses that. This new music was an attempt to find a better version of himself and figure out why he began to let himself fall into negative patterns and habits.

The EP was initially released to William’s Patreon subscribers in the Summer of 2020, but after receiving a lot of praise from his fans, he knew he had to officially release this music.
“I was fighting the fight of wanting to continue music, but needing to move on from Yellowcard. It was a freeing sensation to finally press record,” William recalls.

Focusing emotional energy on a toxic situation, William was able to use this EP as a way to examine his own mental health and find some peace. “I wanted to figure out why I let that happen to me. I allowed myself to be vulnerable for the wrong reasons, and I needed to understand that,” he shared.
Everything Except Desire represents William becoming healthier and shedding mental weight throughout his exploration. When listening to this EP, William hopes that listeners will avoid thriving off of the negativity in their life and focus on the good things surrounding them.

“You don’t have to function on struggle and pain,” he shared. “You can find ways to express what you’re dealing with without physically manifesting it in your life.”

Get the Everything Except Desire: https://wrk.lnk.to/desire

Listen to the Everything Except Desire below:

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Written by Melanie Gomez

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