William Singe Gets Signed to RCA Label

William Singe got his first major record deal this week!

The 24 year old singer, formerly of the group The Collective, has landed his first major record deal with RCA.

The deal comes after Singe rocketed to viral video stardom after releasing several of his own cover songs. The videos reach 2 million views on YouTube and several million views on Facebook alone.

The 2 MILLION dollar deal is signed and ready to go! Singe is now among the many big name stars signed to the label, including Zayn Malik.

Singe has spoken out to his Facebook fans with this statement:

“So today all the hard work paid off. I’m happy to announce I’ve just signed to RCA Records and am so happy to have finally found the right family to call home.

“I’ve been doing this for a very long time, I always grew up knowing nothing else but music and it was the only consistency in my life, it was there for me for my first kiss, it was there for me when i fell in love, it was there for me when i had my heart broken, it was there for all my ups and downs but ultimately its been there for me through it all and the love I had for it only seemed to grow as I got older.

“When I was young I always felt as if the world held me second best to the next man and although i believed them at times, I refused to ever be content with that.

“I refused to believe what some people said about never reaching my goals, getting a ‘REAL’ job and settling for a feeling that just wasn’t right in my heart.

“I’m so grateful for a family that has supported my music from the get go, my mum has been my biggest fan since day one and my old man taught me music and hard work. I’ve always felt in my heart that I was picking up where my dad had left off, putting music on the back burner to raise my sister and myself with my beautiful mother, so today I feel like it isn’t just me who has accomplished something but my whole family as they’ve gone through all the ups and downs with me and they’ve known the struggle of this music business long before I was even a thought in their minds.

“My manager Julian has been with me since day dot, and we’ve always been in each others corners for whatever ventures we decided to partake in. Even when it didn’t work, our long time friendship always stood the test of time and I trust this man with my life. Look at all we accomplished from our bedrooms in the last year and a half. You only ever see the squeaky clean product at the end but 70% of the work is done behind the camera, over the phone, over emails and behind a desk. I couldn’t be happier to have such a great business partner and friend and to know whatever I need, he’s got me.

“I want to say thank you, thank you to my supporters, family and friends because with out each and every one of you none of this would be possible, I will hold you all in my heart forever, there will never be words to explain what your support has done for me and I know we have many more adventures to come because this is just the beginning.”

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