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Willow "GROW" Music Video

Willow Releases “Grow” Music Video with Avril Lavigne

Willow Smith has released a brand new music video for her “G R O W” collaboration with Avril Lavigne and Travis Barker.

The track is featured on Willow’s latest album, i feel EVERYTHING, which has effortlessly transitioned the “Lipstick” singer into the world of pop-punk.

In the music video, Willow portrays all of the feelings that come with teen-angst before storming around a model-like city full of rebellious energy. Lavigne first joins Willow by spray-painting “EGO” on a dumpster before Willow crosses it out in bright red.

The pair then rock out to “GROW” while singing and playing their guitars behind what appears to be an abandoned building. A small audience of individuals wearing grunge-like clothing watch the performance and rock out with Willow and Avril like no one is watching.

“Grow” is a track about both finding and accepting yourself while living in a society that is quick to judge. In the track, Willow sings: “cause no one ever truly knows just who they are…and I feel closer knowing I don’t have to hide my scars.” Although it isn’t easy, Smith reminds listeners that “you’ll find that you’re your own best friend.”

Travis Barker on the drums brings “GROW” to a whole new level. The Blink-182 drummer and producer has worked with countless renowned artists including Machine Gun Kelly and MOD SUN. And with Willow, Lavigne and Barker all a part of this collaboration, it was destined for success long before its release.

This track, similar to other songs released by Willow, is an anthem for societal “outcasts” and rebellious teenagers. It’s all about owning who you really are and embracing any judgment or ridicule that comes your way.

Willow wraps up her headlining lifE Tour tonight, but will open for Billie Eilish’s Happier Than Ever North American tour starting in February.

Stream “GROW” here.

Written by Alessandra

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