Working as a freelance writer: pros and cons

Working as a freelance writer is a great experience, you can even make more than what you earn in your previous jobs. But there are ups and downs, just like every other job. So, you must find out about the pros and cons before diving into it. This post will open your eyes, so read to be able to make an informed decision.

The Pros of being a Freelance writer

These are the pros of working as a freelance writer and are what attracts many to freelancing. People purchase essays online on a regular basis, so the demand for a skilled writer is high. Let’s look at the pros of working as a freelance writer.

Accept or reject any project

There are things a freelance writer can do that those in white collar jobs cannot. For instance, the freelance writer can accept or reject a project without being penalized. That is he can choose to work on any task or reject anytime. This can lead to immediate sacking in office settings. You cannot turn down a task from your boss without receiving a query.

Reviews are like the lifeline of freelancers. So being able to accept or reject projects gives them that privilege to build good ratings to boost reputation. Also, you can also specialize in any niche you like as a freelance writer; health, sports, education, and so on.

Opportunity to work at your own pace

As a freelance writer, you have the liberty to work at your own pace or choose work location. You get to choose your work time or start working on projects whenever you are ready. Your concern is meeting the deadline if the task has one.

You can work from anywhere

For clients, the concern after assigning tasks to a freelancer is the quality of the paper. Even if they hire a writer from Thesis Rush they do not concern themselves with the writer’s location but the quality of the paper. You are also not reporting to any boss but the clients if need be. So, as a freelance writer, you can work from any location or environment that is convenient. You can work from home or write while travelling.

Unlimited earnings

There is an opportunity for you to earn more working as a freelance writer, though, your client and work rate plays a role in this. In fact, the more articles you write or hours you spend writing, the higher your earnings.

Most clients hire freelancers permanently. And the good thing is that you can work with them remotely. You can also secure a full-time writing position with a company of your dream because of the experience you have gathered as a writer.

Good content is important to any companies that want to boost their reputation and increase online presence. So they will not hesitate to hire someone who can deliver that consistently. In fact, students are willing to pay for essay if they can get quality paper. And this will generate more income for you to pay your bills.

Balanced work and social life

A freelance writer can enjoy a robust social life while making money in the process. That is because they can stay away from work when stress is piling up and travel anytime they want. You do not need to take permission from a boss before traveling. The best you can do is to notify most of the regular clients of your absence. Being a freelance writer as a parent gives you the opportunity to spend quality time with your kids and family.

The Cons of being a Freelance writer

Working as a freelance writer has cons. So before taking a giant lip to become one, find out what they are. Knowledge of these cons will get you prepared for any unforeseen circumstances.

High competition



There is high competition among freelance writers, so securing a writing task is not that easy for a newbie. Many have been frustrated after waiting for months without a deal. This is one of the challenges of being a freelancer so prepare your mind. You must be able to convince clients to hire you among the thousands of qualified writers vying for that position. So, if you are working on any of the freelance writing platforms, learn to place quality bids.




If you want to make more money working as a freelance writer, you will have to increase your work rate and accomplish more tasks. You need to isolate yourself from distractions or other people for the period of time too. But mind you, isolation can cause loneliness. But it’s part of the life of being a freelance writer.


Working as a freelance writer can create better opportunities for you to make a living. You may even earn more as a freelance writer than working in an office setting. Your earnings are unlimited as a freelancer. And as earlier stated, you will have more flexibility and work only on tasks that are interesting to you.

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