The X Factor Embroiled In New ‘Fix’ Scandal

The X Factor has today been hit with new ‘fix’ claims, this time alleging that returning twins The Brooks have been granted special status by producers.

Sources told the Mirror that the teens have reportedly had numerous ‘private chats’ with executive producer Mark Sidaway – and that they’ve been asking other acts whether they’ve had the same privilege. This newfound prestige has supposedly inflated their egos, with the insider noting that “attitude problems” have emerged since the chats begun.

Other acts have not taken this favouritism lightly, with some reportedly questioning “why bother auditioning” if the results are already pre-ordained. The source describes the revelations as a “kick in the face” to those who auditioned honestly.

Of course, this is all hearsay – and it’s been fiercely denied by X Factor spokespeople. One declared: “The Brooks have received no special treatment and have not been guaranteed a place in the competition. Neither have there been any problems raised about their attitude. All acts are auditioned on the merit of their performances and nothing else.”.

The X Factor returns to ITV later this month.

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Written by CelebMix