X Factor This Year…Too Much?

X Factor this year is, as much as I hate to say it, becoming quite boring. But why? Well, several reasons.

Have you not seen the length of some of the shows?! I mean, 2 hours 30 for 13 singers…good grief, it is unbelievable! If all the ad breaks were cut out of the show, you probably would only get about an hour of performances but no, after every singer, there is a break.

Compared to other years, this year has been dragged out. Bootcamp lasted over a month (a MONTH) and we are preparing for Week 2 now whereas this time last year, we were sitting halfway through the competition. So unless they expect triple eliminations for the next month, it seems like it won’t be off our TVs for a while.

Also, look at the talent that has been thrown away this year. The Judges’ Houses live was brutal – it really was. But look at the amazing singers that weren’t put through. Josh Daniels, Simon Lynch? All I can say is WOW but we had some singer who had a hissy fit at the Six Chair Challenge brought back performing quite an underwhelming version of ‘Sorry.’ Of course, even looking at other categories, there were soul singers in the groups, more experienced singers in the Overs and at least Monica is the Wildcard for the girls.

There have been too many changes this year and these have had an impact on the show. I never really liked Nick as a judge initially – I’m still not fully accustomed to his presence on the panel but I respect that he knows what viewers want to hear. Rita is a good judge however she seems very young.

At least this year the Judges seem to get on better than other years and it’s nice to see! But one thing I have noticed when watching the Live Shows is that there seems to be no constructive criticism really being given to the contestants. It was Week 1 I respect that – they didn’t want to be too hard on them – but they need to improve! And how is Louisa Johnston going to top her performance where she had all four Judges on their feet? It does seem a bit unrealistic and it seems like she is almost expecting a fall this week.

This Xtra Factor show on the Thursday….I must say, I was pleasantly surprised at how good it is! You get more of a feel for the show and it is good to see them rehearsing – it gives more of an insight into the behind the scenes of the show and it was a shame this wasn’t thought of several years ago.

Well, with a 2 hour 10 minute show lined up for Saturday night, I guess it’s the same flicking through many ad breaks and expecting the unexpected.

Written by Rachel Dempster