You Me At Six release official video for “MAKEMEFEELALIVE”

You Me At Six just released their brand-new song MAKEMEFEELALIVE. Not only did they release their single; they also published the official music video, which was streamed on YouTube worldwide.

The release of the new song and video followed several days of the band teasing fans with the prospect of new material.

The hashtag #2020invasionVI was trending at the start of the week as the band hinted at new things coming soon.

Matt Barnes, bassist, described MAKEMEFEELALIVE as a “punk rock heavy mash up” and this song sees the band once again changing their sound to fit with their own growth.

During a live stream, lead singer Josh Franceschi told fans that they made the song in November last year whilst in Thailand.

The band has definitely changed its style with this track and there is a punk vibe with lyrics being verbalised rather than sung. The video concept is not difficult to understand but at the same time leaves you feeling slightly confused.

In that same live stream, Franceschi explained that the plot of the video is quite simply somebody rips out his right eye and runs off with it, then the rest of the song follows him trying to get it back.

From that point on the screen is split in two, with the left hand side of the screen acting as the eye that is still intact on his body, and the right hand side of the screen acting as the eye that was stolen.

The rest of the video follows the two separate journeys of both eyes and ultimately ends with Franceschi barging into an apartment and knocking out the man who stole his eye.

The final shot of the video is Franceschi picking up his eye and the two sides of the screen captures him looking at his eye, and his eye looking back at him.

We recommend watching the video a couple of times to let it all sink in!

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Written by Jade Seebaran

I enjoy music journalism, reading, and cats.