“Your network is your net worth” – Jacob Judah

Judah born and raised in the UK is a twenty-one-year-old Tech Enthusiast who proved that anyone can win big, despite their upbringings. To prove his ideas had legs, Jacob showed results on a global scale. “You need to demonstrate traction so professionals will take you seriously. You need to find people who believe in what you are trying to achieve and leverage their resources.”

Since moving to Central London Mayfair, he’s amassed an impressive list of contacts – including CEOs, billionaires, and prominent Venture Capitalists.

“I have over 100 people I can call, and say, ‘Can you put £50,000?’ Sometimes £100,000, sometimes £250,000,” Judah said.

His ability to network is a big reason FTSE 250 founder Jeremey Peterson hired Judah.

“Jacob is a fantastic networker, and he is a quick study on what people are interested in,” said Peterson, who previously built a global marketing firm CBH Media Group. “From my experience, there are great benefits to intergenerational teams.”

When you test out several ideas, you can understand your strengths 

Since the age of 11, Jacob travelled Europe competing in chess tournaments playing at a master level. Comparing everything to a game of chess has enabled Judah to stay ahead of the competition in saturated business landscapes. 

When Jacob started out on his entrepreneurial journey, he sold a portfolio of iOS games for £500,000 whilst preparing for high-school exams. The app portfolio amassed approximately 10 million downloads, including the Swipe App which dominated European charts for weeks. He then went on to hire over 6 software developers to work full time to continue developing high-tech, cutting edge applications. 

At present Jacob works to advise AR/VR start-ups provides seed capital to young entrepreneurs. The company, TMIG, invests in the next generation of innovation and technology advancement. “We invest in early-stage technology companies. We also advise technology firms on their business strategy.” 

What motivates Judah in business

Judah hopes to dominate VR/AR space whilst it is still in its infancy, it is the next major computing platform according to Zuckerberg.  

Making a difference in the world. When Bill Gates acted on his dream of putting a computer in every home and on every desk, he had no idea of the fortune it would bring to him, since he wanted only to make a difference. Extrinsic motivations often work against entrepreneurs by leading them to set unrealistic and overwhelming goals. Judah plans to influence and improve millions of people’s lives through technology “money is a by-product”. 

He says he will spend his days taking risks on talented and ambitious individuals who have big ideas. Jacob number one piece of business advice is “you must always be thinking 15 steps ahead of your competition, like a game of chess”.

 Instagram: @jacob_judah

Written by Monella