YouTube deletes Fifth Harmony’s “Worth It” music video

Um… excuse me?

Just days after Fifth Harmony reached a crazy 100 million views on their music video for platinum single “Worth It,” YouTube decided to take down the female empowering video, citing it was “a violation of (its) policy on repetitive, misleading or inappropriate metadata.”

YouTube deletes Fifth Harmony's "Worth It" music video 1

It’s weird to think about this turn of events when Lauren, Camila, Ally, Dinah, and Normani were celebrating their first VEVO certified video just a few days ago. Even VEVO chimed in with their congratulations to the girls.

Harmonizers were outraged as soon as they discovered “Worth It” had been removed and started a worldwide trend on Twitter, using the hashtag “#WeWantWorthItBackOnYouTube” to get their point across. But, it seems like fans weren’t the only ones left confused by the sudden disappearance. The girls’ management, Faculty Management and Productions, tweeted they were on the case–and had no idea behind YouTube and VEVO’s reasoning.

Rest assured, once the video returns to its rightful place on the internet, those whopping 100 million plus views will remain, so the Fifth Harmony girls will still have their incredible and well-deserved first VEVO certified video.

Written by CelebMix