YouTube fights back against Roasting videos

If you follow the YouTube community, you know about the drama has been happening. Several YouTubers have been making videos with ‘diss tracks’ aimed at others in the community.

One YouTuber has had enough. Ryan Higa has started a Roast Yourself Challenge. He wants YouTubers to focus on roasting themselves instead of each other. Ryan states in the video that when you roast yourself, nobody gets hurt. His original video already has over four million views.

Ryan is an American YouTuber that has over seventeen million subscribers. He joined the YouTube community in 2006. Ryan’s videos have over 2.7 billion views.

Ryan hopes that with YouTubers more focused on themselves it will help end the drama & bullying that is happening. At the end of the video, Ryan challenges fellow YouTubers to roast themselves. He specifically names JennaMarbles, DTrix, Pewdiepie, KSI, Timothy Delaghetto, iisuperwomanii and Jeremy Lin to complete the task.

JennaMarbles, DTrix and iisuperwomanii have already responded and posted videos on their channels. However, other YouTubers have already joined in on the challenge.


Ryan is not the first YouTuber to start a campaign to end the bullying that is happening on YouTube, as well as, social media. Earlier in the year, Lilly Singh or better known as iisuperwomanii started #GirlLove. This was to spread positivity and get females to join together to stop girl on girl bullying.

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Written by CelebMix