YouTube Star Hannah Hart is Going on the Road with Food Network

YouTuber star Hannah Hart is going on the road! She is teaming up with Food Network and her upcoming show will consist of six episodes in a travel and food style series, obviously starring the comedian.

Right now, the series is currently untitled but it is set to be released later this year and we will see Hannah travel to different cities and dine out in each one.

However, there is a catch! She will have a limited budget which is apparently determined by the average price to eat out in each city she travels to.

This series should increase Hannah’s ever-growing YouTube audience and will be shared across all social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the Food Network site itself.

Food Network is surely perfect for Hannah who has risen to fame on YouTube with a hilarious cooking series called My Drunk Kitchen.

This is where Hannah essentially gets drunk and cooks various meals and snacks, sharing her cooking tips, making the audience laugh at her amazing food puns!

Since she started the series in 2011, her channel has gained over 2.5 million subscribers and gotten nearly 248 millions of views since.

YouTube Star Hannah Hart is Going on the Road with Food Network 3YouTube Star Hannah Hart is Going on the Road with Food Network 4

She has also written a New York Times best seller book called My Drunk Kitchen: A Guide to Eating, Drinking and Going With Your Gut

She has starred in several films, including Camp Takota with her friends Mamrie Hart and Grace Helbig and the upcoming comedy Dirty 30.

She has since come out with another book; Buffering: Unshared Tales of a Life Fully Loaded.

Although she has always claimed she is no food expert, she likes to refer to herself as a “food enthusiast” who loves to eat and travel.

“But most of all I love to share my experiences,” she said. “My life has blessed me with so many wonderful opportunities that my goal is to find a way to make them accessible to all!”

“Food Network is the perfect partner for this endeavour and I couldn’t be more proud to call them mine.” 

Kathleen Finch, chief programming, content and brand officer at Food Network owner Scripps Networks Interactive talked about this new project and Hannah herself.

“We share the same mission Hannah has built her own brand success on, creating engaging and entertaining content for our viewers”

“The deep connection viewers of all ages, especially millennials, have to food and food-adjacent content makes Food Network the perfect place for Hannah to continue to explore her own food adventure, and we are excited to see all that comes from this organic convergence of the digital and television landscapes as we continue to deliver (together) what audiences are craving.” 

The series is due to go into production later this summer and will be produced by Morgan Spurlock and Jeremy Chilnick’s Warrior Poets.

Hannah will be heavily involved too as well as Linnea Toney who sees to the development and production at Hannah’s Harto Media.

While the comedian has not made an official video on her channel about the show, she did take to her Facebook, posting a picture and writing: “TFW [the feeling when] you announce your first TV show and everyone is as excited as you are. ???”

We are very excited that Hannah’s talent and hilariousness is getting the recognition it deserves.

We congratulate her on her new, exciting project and we can’t wait to watch!

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Written by Laura

25, Marvel nerd, wine lover