YouTuber 101: Achievement Hunter

This is your go-to-guide for Achievement Hunter, made up primarily of Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo, Gavin Free, Michael Jones, Jeremy Dooley and Ryan Haywood.

When are their birthdays?

Geoff Ramsey – 19th June 1975

Jack Pattillo – 3rd January 1982

Gavin Free – 23rd May 1988

Michael Jones – 24th July 1987

Jeremy Dooley – 4th June 1991

Ryan Haywood – 6th December 1980

What is their most popular video?

Achievement Hunter’s most popular video is Cleaning Gavin’s Desk.

What else do I need to know about Achievement Hunter?

Achievement Hunter (AH) is an American video gaming website and division of Rooster Teeth Productions. It was founded by Geoff Ramsey and Jack Pattillo in 2008. The AH team is made up primarily of Geoff, Jack, Gavin, Michael, Jeremy and Ryan, along with editors, managers, etc. who are occasionally featured in videos.

Their videos mainly focus on comedy style gaming and achievement guides. As well as gaming let’s plays and achievement guides, the AH team make their own shows, a podcast and take part in on-stage events. Off Topic is a weekly podcast where members of AH join together to discuss anything and everything. AH have collaborated with Dan Campbell from The Wonder Years and pop punk band Neck Deep in some of their let’s play videos.

What is their social media?

Achievement Hunter: YouTube | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Official Website

Geoff: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Jack: Facebook | Twitter

Gavin: Twitter | Instagram

Michael: Twitter

Jeremy: Twitter | Instagram

Ryan: Twitter

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Written by Georgia Brown

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