Youtuber 101: colliscool a.k.a. Colleen Kelly

Your go-to-guide for everything you need to know about youtuber Colleen Kelly, a.k.a. colliscool!

When is her birthday?

Colleen was born on March 14, 1998.

What is her most popular video?

Colleen’s most popular video is her If 5SOS Were Siri video.

What else do you need to know about her?

Colleen started off her YouTube channel with a Q&A after gaining the attention of a large amount of 5 Seconds of Summer fans through her vine edits. Her love for editing and youtubers was what inspired her to do a Q&A and become a youtuber. Despite her huge popularity in the 5SOS family, Colleen considers all her followers her friends and starts off all of her videos saying “Hello friends, it’s Colleen!” She interacts with them as much as possible on her social medias. In her “COLL DOES MAKEUP” video Colleen talked about how she’s just like all of her subscribers and the only difference is that she has followers. She’s largely known for her love towards Jack Hemmings and sparked the use of “Jack Hemmings wouldn’t treat me like this,” in the 5SOS fandom. An interesting fact about Coll and her videos is to every time she does a Q&A loads of her followers ask what kind of butter she uses. This is due to the fact that her first Q&A ended with this odd question.

What aren’t her social medias?

Twitter: colliscool

Youtube: colliscool and collislame

Instagram: colliscool


Snapchat: colleenkelly14

Written by CelebMix