YouTuber 101: Dan Howell

Your go-to guide for everything you need to know about Dan Howell, aka danisnotonfire!

When is his birthday? 

June 11, 1991

What is his most popular video? 

The Photo Booth Challenge

What else do you need to know about Dan Howell? 

Dan uploaded his first YouTube video “Hello Internet” in October of 2009 after some encouragement from other creators on the website, including Phil Lester, his best friend. He continued to grow in popularity. Dan moved in with Phil in 2011, and the pair moved to London in 2012. Together, Dan and Phil began hosting a BBC Radio 1 show in January 2013, and it ended in April 2016. Dan also wrote the book The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire with Phil. They also created their stage show The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire, which they’ve performed around the world.

What are Dan’s social media links?

Twitter: @danisnotonfire

YouTube: danisnotonfire

Tumblr: danisnotonfire

Instagram: danisnotonfire

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