YouTuber 101: Dodie Clark

Everything you need to know about YouTube’s Dodie Clark (doddleoddle)

When is her birthday?

11th April 1995

What is her most viewed video?

An Awkward Duet – feat. Jon Cozart

What else do you need to know about Dodie Clark?

After joining YouTube in 2011, Dodie has built up a huge following thanks to her amazing original songs and covers. Her relatable, quirky lyrics and beautiful voice set the tone for her videos which so many fans adore. Not only that but her introduction of playing a ukulele, piano, guitar and even a recorder in her videos give her songs that added extra. Whether she’s covering the latest tune with her own spin or recording a new original song, it can be seen for sure that Dodie’s music will forever continue to progress and gain interest.

What are her social media links?

Twitter // Instagram // Facebook // Main Channel // Second Channel // Snapchat: doddleoddle

Which other video should you check out?

Sick Of Losing Soulmates

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Written by Enya Savage

20 year old literature student, lover of books and theatre!
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