YouTuber 101: The Dolan Twins

This guide contains everything you need to know about YouTuber twins Ethan and Grayson Dolan

When is their birthday?

The twins were born 16th December 1999. Ethan was born 20 minutes before Grayson.

What is their most popular video?

Ethan got his wisdom teeth removed and had a bit of a reaction to the medication given during the procedure. This video has nearly 8 million views!

What else should I know about The Dolan Twins?

Well firstly, telling them apart is essential information. Ethan is ever so slightly taller then Grayson, he has a mole on his left cheek and one above his eye. Ethan has darker hair, and a lighter complexion. Grayson has a slightly deeper voice, a dangly feather earring in one ear, and Grayson has a birth mark on his chin. Also, its good to note that Grayson likes Anchovies, Ethan does not.

The twins were born and raised in New Jersey, but now live in LA. They often travel back to New Jersey to see their family and friends though.

The twins shot to internet fame on Vine. Often posting short skits using their twin abilities to humour. They then took to YouTube and have 3.9 million subscribers. They post every Tuesday, and are currently uploading an extra video every week on a random day.

Ethan and Grayson’s video’s cover everything you could ever want from a YouTuber; from DIY’s, messy challenges, rants and life advice. Plus, the twins have two of the best jaw lines ever.

The twins recently renovated a warehouse for their own videoing space. This warehouse has an impressive foam pit, a zip wire, a fire pole and much more.

What are their social media links?

Main Chanel.

Ethan’s Twitter

Grayson’s Twitter

Ethan’s Instagram

Grayson’s Instagram

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Written by NikiSmith

I really like busted.