YouTuber 101: Evan Edinger

This is your go-to-guide for YouTuber Evan Edinger.

YouTuber 101: Evan Edinger 1

When is his birthday?

29th July 1990

What is Evan Edinger’s most popular video?

His most popular video is School! British VS American which features Emma Blackery.

What else do I need to know about Evan Edinger?

Evan Edinger is an American YouTuber living in the UK. He joined YouTube on the 24th June 2006 and started uploading videos in 2010. He’s known for his puns and original content of British – American comparisons, which tend to feature other YouTubers. Evan has a second channel, specifically for travel vlogs. The travel vlogs feature YouTube conventions, as well as a variety of videos showcasing different activities you can do in various places, from the UK to America, to Africa to Australia. His main channel hit the 300,000 subscribers mark in May 2016.

What is his social media?

YouTubeFacebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr | SnapchatGoogle+

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Written by Georgia Brown

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