YouTuber 101: The Janoskians

Who are the members of The Janoskians?

Beau Brooks

YouTuber 101: The Janoskians 1

Daniel ‘Skip’ Sahyounie

YouTuber 101: The Janoskians 3

Jai Brooks

YouTuber 101: The Janoskians 4

Luke Brooks

YouTuber 101: The Janoskians 2

When are their birthdays?

Beau: July 31st 1993

Daniel: October 31st 1994

Jai: May 3rd 1995

Luke: May 3rd 1995

What is their most popular video?

Awkward Train Situations

What is their most popular song?

Real Girls Eat Cake

What else do I need to know about them?

The Janoskians started in their homeland of Melbourne Australia before they all moved out to LA. James Yammouni also used to be part of the group but left earlier in 2016. As well as millions of subscribers, hundreds of videos and a number of songs, they also have a movie out; Untold and Untrue. The movie follows the boys’ “true” story on how they got to play Wembley Arena in March 2015. As well as playing Wembley, they’ve also embarked on many tours around the world, performing their music and pranks live on stage, spreading the humour to their millions of fans. The Janoskians also have more than one YouTube channel. On their DareSundays channel, they do different challenges that the fans suggest, JanoskiansBlog is where they post random videos of behind the scenes content and then TwinTalkTime which is the twins, Luke and Jai and they post a variety of videos.

Social media links:

Group: TwitterFacebookYouTubeInstagram – Snapchat

YouTube channels: DareSundaysTwinTalkTimeJanoskiansblog – JanoskiansVevo

Beau: TwitterSnapchatInstagram

Daniel: TwitterSnapchatInstagram

Jai: TwitterSnapchatInstagram

Luke: TwitterSnapchatInstagram

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