YouTuber 101: Katrin Berndt

This is your go-to-guide for Swedish YouTuber and blogger Katrin Berndt.

When is her birthday?

11th September 1993

What is one of Katrin Berndt’s most popular videos?

One of her most popular videos is about the do’s and don’ts when getting your first tattoo.

What else do I need to know about Katrin Berndt?

Katrin Berndt is a YouTuber and blogger from Sweden. She joined YouTube on the 6th February 2009. Katrin often blogs and makes videos about makeup, hair and beauty, and lifestyle, as well as ones about tattoos, body modifications and personal growth. At the end of most of her videos, she has a Swedish word for the day, where she will translate a Swedish word into English. Katrin has many playlists for her videos, including vlogs, hauls, body modifications and, of course, all things Swedish! Katrin shares her opinions and views on certain subjects in hopes to get people talking about and considering other perspectives, while also remaining respectful to those who share a different opinion. Her channel has surpassed the 300,000 subscriber milestone.

What are her social media links?

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Blog/Website

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Written by Georgia Brown

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