YouTuber 101: Laura Lee

This is a go-to guide for YouTuber Laura Lee.

When is her birthday?


Laura’s birthday is September 1, 1988.

What is Laura Lee’s most popular video?

Her most popular video to date, with over 10 million views is ‘15 Back to School Heatless Hairstyles.’

What else do I need to know about Laura Lee?

She was born in Alabama and currently lives in LA. She has 1.8 million YouTube subscribers and posts videos weekly on anything from life hacks to new beauty looks. She began making videos for YouTube in March of 2013 and hasn’t stopped since! Laura says: “the weird, quirky, energetic girl you see on my YouTube channel is the real me”. She is married and has 2 kitties she loves very much. She’s had several big deals that involves even getting to make her own eye shadow palette with Violet Voss.

What are her social media links?





Snapchat: Laura88lee

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Written by CelebMix