YouTuber 101: Lucy and Lydia

Your go-to guide for everything you need to know about Lucy and Lydia!

When is their birthday?  March 29, 1994

What is their most popular video? Switching Clothes Challenge with Jack Maynard and Conor Maynard

What else do I need to know about Lucy and Lydia?

A while before Lucy and Lydia started making videos on YouTube, the girls began blogging. Right from the start they knew what they wanted, they started showing their viewers how to ‘get the look’ of their favourite artists, doing hauls and getting more personal as well. Along the way, both girls picked up vlogging whenever they attend exciting events or go on trips (Disney World, for example). The twins are also very well-known for their friendship with Perrie Edwards of Little Mix along with their big love for Disney and anything music. They are thoroughly enjoying the life they’ve created for themselves and well, their happiness is contagious.

Fun fact: The girls have an older sister. Her name is Courtney.

What are their social media?

YouTube | Twitter | Lucy’s & Lydia’s Instagram | Facebook | Snapchat: lucyandlydia

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