YouTuber 101: Matt & Amanda (aka Matthias & Amanda Faye)

Here’s your YouTuber 101 scoop on Matt & Amanda, one of YouTube’s cutest couples!

When are their birthdays?

Matt – September 20th, 1988

Photo from Amanda Faye Photography
Photo from Amanda Faye Photography

Amanda – July 29th, 1990

Photo from Amanda Faye Photography
Photo from Amanda Faye Photography

What is their most popular video?

The channel’s most popular video is the “Eminem “The Monster” MINECRAFT PARODY – Friends With A Creeper” music video! Watch it below!

What else should I know about them?

Matt & Amanda, also known to most as Matthias and Amanda Faye, each have their own separate YouTube channels.

The ‘Matthias’ channel includes everything from old skits to challenges, as well as his #ASKMATT Q&A videos. He has a few different series on his channel, including “20 Photoshop Fails,” “Reading Your Comments,” and “Autocorrect Fails.” Recently, he’s focusing on his “Strange Things on Amazon,” “Apps That Will Waste Your Life,” and “Strange Dollar Store Items” series. You may be wondering why he has so much different content on his channel. In the past, he said he tries these different things because he likes creating different content and wants to try out new things to see what his subscribers like. Since having his channel, Matthias has gained 1.6 million subscribers and went on to win Internet Icon Season 2.

The ‘Amanda Faye’ channel is what Amanda likes to call “her little corner.” She focuses on life, fashion, beauty and anything else that comes of interest to her. These include DIY videos, small tutorials and fashion lookbooks. In addition, she has done challenges and Q&A videos. Don’t fret if you notice that she hasn’t posted a video in a few months, though. She’s been busy with her little moonchild, but we’ll get to that soon.

The “Matt & Amanda” channel began as Matthias’ gaming channel in July of 2013. In 2014, it evolved into their joint second channel where they vlog their everyday lives. They use this channel to document their lives so their future selves have something to look back on, and also for their subscribers. In December 2015, the couple announced they were expecting their first child, which would later be revealed to be a girl. Throughout their pregnancy journey, they took their viewers on the ride with them. At the end of July of this year, Matthias and Amanda welcomed little Luna into the world, and she is adorable! In conclusion, they’re a couple of nerds in love who take life day by day and allow the world into a peek at their lives.

Where can I find them on social media?

The ‘Matt & Amanda’ Channel – YouTube, Twitter, Instagram

Matthias – YouTube, Twitter, Instagram

Amanda Faye – YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

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