YouTuber Interview: Tom Boys and John Basically

When CelebMix were offered the chance to interview Tom Boys and John Basically, we couldn’t help but jump at the chance. Tom and John’s recent ‘Song Lyric Prank’ videos have been taking YouTube by storm, regularly hitting 100,000+ views.

Tom is the older brother of YouTube sensation Jake Boys and John is Tom’s lovable sidekick, and both in their own rights are sensational YouTubers.

Tom and his little brother, Youtuber Jake Boys
Tom and his little brother, YouTuber Jake Boys

CelebMix: Hey guys! Great to finally speak to you both. First up, how did you both decide to become YouTubers?

Tom: I started it purely because my brother Jake did it. I had a small channel a few years ago I stopped doing it after a while, and then I met you John.

John: I wanted to do YouTube, I was just on Twitter at that time. We were both watching a lot of YouTubers at the time.

T: I said to John one day that I wanted to do YouTube again, because Jake was doing it, and John was like ‘No way me too’. And that’s where it all started really.

So for any of our readers who aren’t aware of you guys yet, why should they check you out and subscribe?

Both: Laugh

J: We’re funny ya know. We hope you’ll enjoy watching us. In retrospect a lot of YouTubers, now they’re doing it for the wrong reason, we just want to have fun.

What advice would you give to anyone who is looking into becoming a YouTuber?

T: I literally get asked this every day, Just do something you enjoy. If you love beauty or hair, even if you really love knitting, Just do it. If its your passion, its your channel. Your passion will come through. If your not pulling in the views at first, don’t give up! I’ve made that mistake. I used to have the mentality that I’d upload a video and it wouldn’t get the views, I’d delete it the next day, John always tells me off about that.

J: Ha-ha. You did that like three weeks ago.

T: Now I’m just starting to realise that I have to do my two video’s a week minimum, and I needed to just enjoy it more.

J: I’d just say, be real. Be you. Be unique.

What’s the 3 year plan then guys? Where do you want to be?

J: Our problem is, we’re too ambitious for our own good. We dream BIG.

T: We’ve got dreams to own a massive apartment together in London. The Tom and John Penthouse.

J: We wanna do YouTube full-time. Do meet ups with our fans all the time.

T: I wanna meet as many viewers as I can. They are the reason that we do this. We love them. They are the best part of all of this.

Cuties! So what is the weirdest thing a viewer has ever said or done to you guys?

J: Oh man where can we even begin.Cuties! So what is the weirdest thing a fan has ever done or said to you both? The weirdest thing happened to me is someone became really stalker, she found out everything about my mum, where she works, her work number, her Facebook, everything. It’s all stuff you’d have to have a proper dig around for.

T: Ha-ha. My mums’ more famous then me, I don’t have that problem. I always get messages from people trying to get me to get Jake to follow them, or asking for his number. It’s proper weird.

So Tom, Jake Boys is your little brother. Does that help or hinder you?

T:It was great to begin with! Jake would always give me shout outs and ask his fans to follow me. That’s worn off now ha-ha. It motivates me to be bigger then Jake in the next two years though ha-ha.

J: If we ever need motivation, we go to Jake and Emily Canham’s flat. That really inspires us. We come away feeling like this is what we can have.

So, do you prefer working together or separately on videos?

T: It depends, but genuinely I prefer working with John. We have such a laugh when were filming. we really bounce off each other, I feel so much more relaxed filming with him.

Which YouTubers are you both subscribed to?

J: Kian and Jacey

T: I watch so many YouTubers for research, even if I don’t like them ha-ha!

Let’s dream big, we’re going to make a massive movie called The Many Adventures of Tom And John. Who are we hiring to play you, and what’s the plot of this movie?

J: We’d have to play ourselves.

T: Yeah, no one could play us! Who could get John’s hair? No one. Although, if we had to pick, I’d pick my man crush Channing Tatum.

J: I’d go with Zac Efron.

T: Imagine that, Channing and Zac in one Film

CM: We’d need to see this film.

J: We would travel places, and just be funny. It would be a sober version of The Hangover. Ha-ha. It would be insane.

YouTuber Interview: Tom Boys and John Basically 2

To round this interview up, were going to play a quick game of ‘Tom Vs John’, 7 Questions each, to see who is the better friend. Who knows who better?

J; This is going to be so hard. We are together all the time, but I don’t even know his favourite colour.

That’s a bit awkward, that was the first question. Ha-ha.

Lets start with testing you Tom on how well you know John.

What is John’s Favourite Colour? – T- Black.

(Wrong, It’s actually blue)

When’s John’s Birthday? T- Oh god. urm. April 20th.

(Wrong 5th April)

Who is his ultimate crush, male and female? Justin Bieber and Leah Marie Johnson

(Male wrong, Its Zac Efron)

What’s John’s Shoe Size? T- 11

Finally one right.

What’s his biggest fear?- T- Spiders


Favourite game and app? T- Minecraft and Instagram
Mincecraft, right Instagram wrong

Favourite teen kids programme? He has the biggest crush on Ariana Grande so I’d say Sam and Cat.

Wrong, it was Sponge-Bob.

Total- 4 / 9

John, How well do you know Tom? Let’s see if you can beat him.

What is Tom’s Favourite Colour? Orange.

(Wrong, it is blue)

When’s John’s Birthday? 20th March

(Wrong – 25th March)

Who is his ultimate crush male and female? Channing Tatum and Mila Kahlifah (a porn-star)

Channing Tatum and Zoella. Zoella with no makeup, its the most beautiful thing.

What’s Toms Shoe Size? – 11


What’s his biggest fear?- heights

Tom insists on having no fear, but refuses to go skydiving with John, so we will give him a point.

Favourite game and app? Pokemon Go and Twitter

Runescape and Instagram

Favourite teen kids programme? Zoey 101

The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody

Total 3/9

Tom wins by one point.


Tom’s channel is here where he uploads twice a week. John’s channel is here where John uploads weekly. Subscribe to them to see more of their shenanigans. CelebMix know this pair will be huge in the coming months. We’re excited to see what trouble they get into next.

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Written by NikiSmith

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