YouTuber Joe Weller Decides to Take a Break from YouTube in Emotional Video

YouTube star Joe Weller has decided to tell his fans that he is going to leave YouTube for a while.

The 21-year-old spoke about his problems with creativity and how he is lacking inspiration for content.

He also openly admitted that his depression could be part of the problem as he broke down in tears in his announcement video.

Previously, Weller has used his platform to talk to over 4m followers about his battle with mental health problems.

He educated his audience about what causes depression and what it is like living with it on a daily basis.

He also talked in depth about the options people can use to help themselves, like medication or a therapist.

The video received positive feedback and his fans were glad he was able to talk about such a taboo subject.

The YouTuber has also used his fame to get involved with football charity matches alongside other YouTubers to raise money.

However, recently fans have been worried as Weller had been uploading very little and tweeting his fans that he was uninspired.

The YouTuber has now decided to have a rest and take a break from creating and uploading videos for a while.

He made the emotional decision and reassured fans that he will be back when he feels a lot better in himself.

Other YouTubers and friends tweeted Weller to support his decision and applauded him on his honesty.

It is important that you take care of your mental health no matter what.

Please seek help if any of this sounds familiar to your own situation.

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Written by Laura

25, Marvel nerd, wine lover