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YouTuber Laura Bubble discusses signs of emotional abuse in new video

YouTuber Laura Bubble is best known for her comedic videos and sketches. With almost three and a half million views across her videos, viewers across the globe enjoy her hilarious take on everything from sexist commercials to surviving the cold.

However, in support of Anti-Bullying Week, which takes places this week, Laura has shared an important video on her channel which talks about spotting some of the many signs of emotional abuse.

Titled ‘Toxic’, Laura shares seven of the main signs of emotional abuse which can exist within a toxic relationship. Covering things such as love bombing, devaluation, gaslighting, and isolation, the video is extremely informative but is delivered in an engaging manner.

Speaking from personal experience, Laura sheds light on a topic which isn’t really discussed. However, for those who can relate to the content, Laura also shows that it is possible to overcome being in an abusive relationship and find happiness on the other side. The video has already encouraged lots of people to speak out, with many of Laura’s viewers acknowledging that they have either been in or are currently in a similar position.

It’s scary to see the lengths that someone will go to control another person, and try and pass it off as being ‘love’. However, this video educates us all on the signs to look out for. We’re proud of Laura for not only finding the strength to overcome her situation but for sharing her perspective with the internet.

Check out Laura Bubble’s ‘Toxic’ video below.

As we mentioned earlier, this week (November 13 – 17) is Anti-Bullying Week. Every year, the campaign aims to encourage discussion amongst children, young people, teachers and parents about bullying and how to take action against it.

The theme for this year’s campaign is ‘All Different, All Equal’, which aims to empower people to celebrate what makes them, and other people, unique.

However, it’s not just children in school who are at risk of being bullied. It can happen online or in the workplace, and as Laura’s video pointed out, it can be emotional abuse as well as physical. Whilst Laura’s video focuses on a relationship, the toxic signs can easily be applied to friendships too.

For more information on Anti-Bullying Week, head to the Anti-Bullying Alliance website.

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