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YouTuber of the Week: Meghan Hughes

Welcome back to CelebMix’s weekly YouTuber of the Week! This is a series where we introduce you to some of our favorite YouTubers every single week. Last week we shared Good Mythical Morning with you, and this week, we are sharing Meghan Hughes!

Who is Meghan Hughes?

Meghan is a 19-year-old beauty and lifestyle vlogger based in Los Angeles, California. She was born in Georgia, and moved to California after high school. Her sister Lindsey Hughes is also a YouTuber.

Meghan has two channels. Her main one, MissMeghanMakeup, has over 400,000 subscribers. She posts makeup tutorials, fashion outfit inspiration and hauls, as well as a lot about body positivity. Her vlog channel, MissMeghanVlogs, has over 175,000 subscribers. She also released her own app, Stay Smilin‘.

Why Should You Watch her Videos?

Meghan exudes light. Her personality and outlook on life is so positive that it can’t help but rub off on you. Her fashion sense is impeccable, and her body positivity videos are a guaranteed self-esteem boost. She’s like the cool sister you always wish you had.

Here are five of her best videos!

1. Fall/Winter Try-On Haul

All of Meghan’s fashion hauls are fabulous, and this one is perfect for the winter season. Her commentary on the pieces is wonderful!

2. Why I Don’t Wear A Bra

This is one of her Big Sis Advice videos. In it, Meghan discusses why she doesn’t wear a bra, and some tips and tricks for going braless.

3. Ladylike

Meghan debuted this spoken word poem at Buffer Festival earlier this year. It’s really beautiful and very touching.

4. Summer Makeup Tutorial

Although this is technically a summer tutorial, it still would look great in the winter. Meghan demonstrates how to create a very warm-toned smokey eye.

5. Pizza Talk #15 With Orion

Pizza Talk is a series on Meghan’s channel giving advice. On this episode, she brings in Orion, and they discuss boys, writing, and loving yourself.

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