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YouTuber of the Week: Saffron Barker

Welcome back to another edition of CelebMix’s YouTuber of the Week. With this feature, we aim to put the spotlight on some our favourite creators and share with you why we think they’re so awesome. Last time, our worthy winners were twin team Niki and Sammy. This week, we’re passing on the crown to the beautiful Saffron Barker.

Who is Saffron Barker?

Saffron Barker is a 17-year old British YouTuber. She joined the video sharing platform on 30 July, 2015, and has since garnered over 1.2 million subscribers. At the time of writing, her videos have amassed over 119 million views. She also has a second channel, SaffronBarkerVlogs.

Alongside her YouTube channel, Saffron is popular across social media, with 484k and 858k followers on Twitter and Instagram respectively. She released her very own book, Saffron Barker Vs Real Life: My perfectly filtered life (Sort of. But not really at all), in 2017 and also launched her very own lifestyle collection with Primark. The successful collection was made up of everything you needed for a cosy night in, from a duvet set to pyjamas, cushions to ponchos.

Saffron is a regular at various YouTube conventions and has also started to spread her wings by presenting. She will represent Nickelodeon UK in the #KCAPrankStars squad at this year’s Kids Choice Awards and will be joining The Vamps on their forthcoming Night and Day tour.

Why should you watch Saffron Barker’s videos?

If you love beauty, fashion and lifestyle videos with plenty of humour thrown in then you will love Saff’s videos. Her content is made up of hauls, skits, challenges with her family and other YouTubers, testing and tutorials, and so much more.

Saffron is smart, confident, hilarious and tells it like it is. We love seeing the different elements of her life and watching her videos allows you to get to know more about her. It genuinely feels like you have an Internet best friend or sister on the other side of the screen. Saffron is the ultimate girl next door and is super relatable, which makes her channel a must-watch.

Five of Saffron Barker’s must-watch videos

1. 73 Questions with Saffron Barker – Vogue Parody

We’ve all watched one of Vogue’s 73 Questions videos in the past and it’s always hilarious to see celebrities being followed around whilst answering different questions. Saffron nails this parody perfectly!

2. How to: 5 quick and easy hairstyles for short hair

Just after Saffron cut her hair last year, she shared this tutorial containing five easy hair styles for those rocking the short hair look.

3. Dad vs Bro – Guessing the price of girly things

In one of her many videos which feature her family, she teams up with her dad and her brother Casey for a funny ‘guess the price of girly things’ challenge. From concealers to bras, it’s hilarious to see how clued up (or not) they are about the price of our most-used products.

4. How girls REALLY get ready

We’ve all been there. We love getting ready but it can also be such a hassle, and we’re easily distracted. Saff definitely captures our habits in this hilarious video.

5. Buying clothes from shops that Facebook recommended me

In this video, Saffron buys and tries on clothes that have popped up on her Facebook feed as recommendations. It’s interesting to see how incredible right (and incredibly wrong) some of these items can be!

Congratulations Saffron, you’re super deserving of our CelebMix YouTuber of the Week title and we can’t wait for more funny, stylish and relatable videos from you.

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Written by Katrina Rees

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