YouTuber Realises She Has Been Calling Her Neighbour The Wrong Name For 14 Years

YouTuber and Comedian, Stephanie Aird, from Hartlepool, released a video recently in which she told the hilarious account of how she has been calling her neighbour the wrong name for over 14 years.

Stephanie, who runs ‘Stephanie’s LOLs’ and has over 250 thousand Facebook followers, posted the video to her social media platforms and has been seen across the world by millions of comedy lovers.

She told how she chatted to ‘Mavis’ over the fence for more than a decade and how she even gave Mavis and her late husband George, Christmas cards, in which she received cards back ‘with love from Mavis and George’.

*Note of warning, the below video contains some explicit words.*

Stephanie was gob-smacked when she later found out that Mavis was actually called Sylvia, this is after Sylvia’s husband George had died. She got talking to another neighbour in her street across the road and Stephanie said ‘how’s Mavis?’ to which her neighbour replied ‘Who’s Mavis?’.

‘I said, “you what? My neighbour, Mavis”. She said, “you haven’t got a neighbour called Mavis”. I said, “I have. George’s wife, Mavis. ‘She goes, “ah, do you mean Sylvia?” I go, “who’s Sylvia?” She said, “George’s wife”. I said, “I’ve called her Mavis for 14 years”.

The video has since sparked thousands of others to share their similar experiences.

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Written by James

Entertainment and Showbiz Writer.