YouTuber Sam Pottorff Announces His Engagement

Sam Pottorff and girlfriend Rosa van Iterson have announced their engagement!

The popular YouTuber made the announcement of him popping the question on his Pottorff channel. In the video, he and van Iterson talk about people saying they’re too young to get married, or they’re moving too fast. They explain how much they love each other and want to help one another with fulfilling their dreams. Also, Pottorff reassured his fans that this doesn’t mean he’s quitting YouTube.

The couple, who recently celebrated their six month anniversary, thanked everyone, from friends to family to fans, for congratulating them on social media. Pottorff told those wanting to send their congrats to use the hashtag, #CongratsSamAndRosa, and many have.

If you’re unaware of who Sam Pottorff is, he is a former member of the [disbanded] YouTube group, O2L. Rosa van Iterson is an actress from Amsterdam, but now lives in Los Angeles. Former O2L members Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen took to Twitter for more congratulations.

Pottorff and van Iterson revealed that the wedding will take place sometime in 2017. Amsterdam is their current, ideal setting for the wedding to take place, but they’ll return to the States to do it legally through City Hall.

All in all, congratulations to the happy couple on their engagement from everyone at CelebMix!

Written by CelebMix