YouTuber of the Week: ASMRrequests

ASMRrequests is our YouTuber of the week and we’re excited to tell you why.

Who is ASMRrequests?

Ally, content creator and owner of ASMRrequests is not your typical YouTuber. While she is beautiful, funny and talented, she’s no beauty guru, comedy account or music artist. Ally is what the ASMR Community call an ASMRtist. ASMRrequests creates videos intended to relax her audience through making sounds commonly known as “trigger sounds” (sounds such as gentle talking and whispering) and making role-playing videos which could be described as mini-movies or TV series.

ASMRrequests’ content is phenomenal. The channel’s videos range from role-playing as a space travel agent to teaching you how to make home crafts. Ally clearly puts a ton of effort into her account, with 431,513 subscribers and a total of 88,611,237+ views to prove it. According to the uploads page on the channel Ally first uploaded a video called ‘Personal Story Time – How I Developed ASMR’ on 19th November 2012 and her content has progressed dramatically in 4 years through the use of green screen and special effects.

Why should you watch ASMRrequests’ videos?

Glancing through comments on various videos by ASMRrequests you’ll find thousands of comments from fans thanking Ally for making content the way she does. Popular comments claim that ASMRrequests’ videos help them sleep, have helped people concentrate while studying, have given viewers famous ASMR head tingles and people have even gone as far to say Ally’s content has helped take their mind off panic attacks and in turn her work has become their personal coping mechanism – what’s not to love about that?

Ally’s videos are soft spoken, almost whispered to create a calming feel to her videos but don’t let that fool you, her videos are interesting engaging and full of information and relaxation. We recommend you give her videos a watch to lower that stress level and get you through that back to school, work or university vibe!

If you’ve ever had trouble sleeping, you may have Googled sleep techniques in a desperate attempt to drift off and come across a series of YouTube videos designed to help you relax – these set of videos are known as ASMR videos. It seems a little weird at first, we will be the first to admit it, but Ally’s videos are fascinating once you get comfortable and settled in.

ASMRrequests’ top 5 videos you should check out:

1: Departure Ep. 1: Departure (or “Space Travel Agent”) – ASMR Sci-Fi Series

2: Departure Ep. 2: Frontiers – ASMR Sci-Fi Series

3: Raw Tingles: Shaving Cream, Goozerk, Gelcap Vitamins – Binaural ASMR – Soft Spoken, Foamy, Tapping

4: Modeling Photo Shoot, featuring…Salmon? – ASMR – Personal Attention, Focused Tasks, Lens Brushing

5: ?? Edgar Snippyhands – ASMR Role Play (Binaural, Personal Attention, Softly Spoken)

Congratulations on being YouTuber of the Week, Ally! We’re looking forward to seeing more from you.

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Written by CelebMix