YouTuber Of The Week: Bry

Welcome back to another week of CelebMix’s YouTuber of the Week! This time, we’re passing the YouTuber of the Week torch to the one and only, Bry!

Who is Bry?

Brian O’Reilly or more commonly known as Bribry, Bri or Bry, is an Irish singer/songwriter who often creates videos with his wife Candice. With YouTube videos dating back to 2011, Bry wow’ed the internet over with his incredible vocals and beautiful lyrics. To this day, Bry has over 500,000 subscribers and more than 15 million views over his two YouTube channels.

Bry isn’t only known for his YouTube channel. In late 2016 he released his self titled album. He has also played in hundreds upon hundreds of cities across the world and also supported Twenty One Pilots on their Emotional Roadshow Tour.

Why should you watch Bry’s videos?

If musical talent beyond words and the Irish accent don’t appeal to you, then the videos with his beautiful wife Candice just might. Although Candice does have her own YouTube channel, she is a main feature of his YouTube channel (as you can expect). Their love and appreciation for each other can be seen in all the videos they post, and honestly, it’s beautiful. Whether you’re watching their wedding video, a video of them travelling the world or even just a Q&A video, their relationship is definitely a reason why you should watch them.

Another reason you should watch his videos is purely for the fact that he travels the world and documents it on video for everyone to see. If watching them doesn’t make you want to get out and travel even just a little bit, then you’re kidding yourself, because honestly, the videos show how beautiful the world is.

Five of Bry’s must-watch videos

Proposal In Paris – Bry and Candice

Who doesn’t love a good video that really shows and documents two people’s love for each other? Because that’s something we love, and that’s something this video does. Although, we have to say that we’ve got spoilers for you, she says yes.

The Wedding Video

Just like our first recommendation, this video is about Bry and Candice and their love. Their wedding to be more exact. The video is honestly beautiful and Hillier Smith did a beautiful job of filming, editing, etc. of it. If you want an all round warm and fuzzy video to watch, we definitely recommend this one.

Bry – EVERYTHING (Twenty One Pilots Tour Video)

In late 2016, Bry went on tour with Twenty One Pilots, and this is a video documenting some of the dates. Something you can tell about Bry is that he’s a big fan of Twenty One Pilots, so we know touring with them is a big deal to him, and that’s just one of the beautiful things about this video. Plus, you just have to look at the crowd and their involvement with his music to fall in love just a little.

A Best Friend Tattoo

A best friend tattoo is about Bry’s best friend Gary who has been Bry’s friend for over 10 years. The start of the video is Bry explaining their friendship and the whole video is about how Gary gets a tattoo of one of Bry’s lyrics.

Why Are You Sad?

Although this video isn’t a happy, romantic video or anything like the other videos we’ve recommended, this one is important. Bry said that the video’s goal was to talk about the point that depression often doesn’t have a cause, or any explanation, it’s just there.

Do you watch Bry? If that’s a yes, be sure to let us know your favourite video by tweeting us @CelebMix. Plus, make sure you check back next week for another YouTuber of the Week!

Written by CelebMix