YouTuber Of The Week: Connor Franta

CelebMix’s YouTuber of the Week series is meant to bring forth the YouTubers who have changed what we mean by “a video”. The series had presented some amazing YouTubers like Lilly Singh and Alx James and this time, the list has got a new name.

This time, the title of YouTuber of The Week goes to …CONNOR FRANTA!

There are several ways to introduce Connor Franta: the Entrepreneur, the Grammy’s Jury, the author or the YouTuber. We’d settle for the last one as this is where his whole journey started. Franta’s journey started in a group called “O2L” where he used to make videos with his friends cum roommates. But things changed when he realized he was not in sync with other members’ personalities.

Calm and ever smiling, Connor Franta is known as the listener.

YouTuber Of The Week: Connor Franta 1

His videos reflect the same. He is there when you want to know how you would feel going through old stuff like your old phone. He is a poet who sits along with you and prays that your upcoming year is the best. This is the reason why Franta is more than just a sensation. He is a YouTuber with an authentic touch.

Why Should You Watch Connor Franta Videos?

Connor Franta’s videos are not some fluffy stuff posted online to help you pass the time. His videos offers a space where he brainstorm his business ideas with his fans. It is a space where he helps you see through negative things and come up with a positive outcome. Any more reasons? He is great to watch!

So, here are some of our favorite videos by Connor Franta:

1. Coming Out Video

We live in a world where love exists in different forms but is only accepted in one. Connor Franta realized it too. It took a long time to tell his roommates that he is gay and much longer to reveal it to his fans. But when he did come out, his move was supported by all his fans. Since this video, Connor Franta is considered one of the important figures for LGBT community.

2. Recreating Awkward Family Photos

Admit it! Most of us feel embarrassed in a family group picture. But what happens when the awkward poses are recreated? Connor has the answer. The whole process of photography that he filmed showed the transformation years bring in our personalities and gave a strong message. A message that nothing is more fun that being together within a frame with your family.

3. My Homophobic Uber Driver

Homophobia is not an uncommon term. What happened in Pulse, the club in Orlando made it quite evident. In this video, Connor Franta mockingly shared his sad experience with a homophobic woman who apparently knew about him but pretended like she can “see through people”. She identified herself as “Christian woman” looking out for Franta. This video made the case in point.

Religion and love shouldn’t be separated. People who choose to love someone they see their happiness in even if it is the person of the same sex need not be a non-believer. Period.

4. Say Yes To New

New things excite some while they terrify others. What makes Franta most likable is his ability to talk about those anxieties people don’t usually talk about. In this video, the YouTuber discussed the “unsettling” feeling one gets when one encounters something new, something unknown. But he goes on to explain that while it’s terrifying, experiencing something new is always worth it.

5. New Year, New Me

The video was in the lines of “Say Yes to New” video where Franta laid emphasis on the importance of new experiences. The flowery feel his videos have was evident in this video as well. This is basically a poem Franta wrote to encourage his fans that it’s okay to be scared of new but it’s not okay to leave the opportunity. Especially, when the opportunity presents itself at your door every single day.

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Check back with us on Sunday to find out who the next YouTuber of the Week will be!

Written by Ayushi

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