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YouTuber Of The Week: Dina Tokio

CelebMix’s ‘YouTuber Of The Week’ is meant to shed light on YouTubers who have a real passion for their job and love to share positive vibes. We try our best to tell you what we love about them, and why we think their videos should get more recognition!

This week we are giving this title to Dina Torkia (or known on YouTube as ‘Tokio’). Dina is a fashion and lifestyle blogger, who currently has nearly 530,000 subscribers. She first started making videos in 2011, but since then she’s caused a big stir in the beauty industry and has even worked with the BBC on covering a Muslim beauty pageant. Although she’s not ‘new’ to YouTube, she is definitely not talked about enough!

YouTuber Of The Week: Dina Tokio 1

Why You Should Watch Dina’s Videos:

Dina’s videos normally show her viewers the exciting events she takes part in and what she gets up to on a weekly basis. Dina has said before that she would never want to be seen as a “poster girl”, but she is extremely glad that her point of view as a young Muslim woman living in the UK can be brought forward into a more mainstream fashion world. Many young Muslim girls see her as a shining example of how you can always be yourself and express who you are and what you stand for, no matter what race or religion you are. She emphasises that her videos are for everyone and anyone, especially her makeup and beauty videos.

Our Top Five Dina Tokio Videos:


My Skincare Routine

This video is Dina simply talking through her skincare routine. We love how honest, clear and funny she is in this video and we feel it can really help people to realise the importance of keeping your skin healthy and looking after it properly.

June/July Lookbook

Even though this video is just over two years old, we are still obsessed with it to this day. We love the way Dina experiments with different styles and shows off her gorgeous wardrobe in this video. She accessorises each outfit brilliantly and tells her subscribers where all items of clothing are from.

My Husband Does My Makeup Tag

This video is absolutely hilarious and sums up Dina’s relationship with her husband, Sid. Together they are a double act loved by her subscribers (they also have a separate channel called Sid and Dina) and this is one of her most popular videos. Sid actually doesn’t do that bad of a job…check it out for yourself!

Get Ready With Me | Summer Wedding | Bridesmaid Look

This video is pretty special because it highlights that even though Dina is a YouTube star, she’s still human and she’s still real. SPOILER She messes up her contour (it’s actually hilarious), and she laughs it off instead of acting like it was the worst thing in the world and it ruined her video. The reason why she is loved so much by her subscribers is because she does everything she can to show she’s just a normal woman and small note: her makeup still looks amazing at the end!

No Makeup Look

This is a great everyday video which involves Dina using a few products to make it seem like you aren’t wearing makeup, even though you are! We love how at the beginning of the video, she emphasises that if you really want to look as if you aren’t wearing any makeup: just don’t and be proud of being barefaced!

We hope this has helped you discover more about Dina and hopefully subscribe to her or watch her videos from now on! If it has, let us know over on Twitter and tweet us @CelebMix.

Written by Sureya Ali

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