YouTuber Of The Week: The Dolan Twins

Here at CelebMix, we pride ourselves on bringing some of the very best YouTubers to your attention. This is where our YouTuber of the Week title comes in. Whether the creators live and breathe YouTube, or have started a channel in addition to their day job, we love shouting out some of the must-watch stars of the internet.

Having had a few months away, we’re now back with a bang. This week we are giving the first YouTuber of Week title of 2018 to the twosome who make every Tuesday brighter. The Dolan Twins.

Who are the Dolan Twins?

Ethan and Grayson Dolan are identical twins from New Jersey whose careers started on Vine. With the pair racking up millions of followers each on the former video app, they swapped 6 seconds of entertaining to weekly YouTube videos.

The twins are just 18, but have already hit 5 million subscribers on YouTube and are weekly regulars on MTV’s giant show TRL (Not to mention building the coolest filming space ‘The Dolan Twins Warehouse). But despite these gigantic milestones, Ethan and Grayson still enjoy living their adventure packed life style, often going out to explore.

Why should you watch the Dolan Twins Videos?

Ethan and Grayson’s perfect looks aside, the twins’ weekly videos contain pretty much everything. From beauty makeovers with the incredible James Charles, challenges that only twins could pull off right up to speaking openly and honestly about battling with anxiety. All this plus diss tracks, wisdom tooth removal, reaction videos, Q&A’s and an interesting DIY video. It’s no wonder why Ethan and Grayson have a huge international fanbase.

Five must watch Dolan Twins Videos

1. The Daddy Challenge

The Dolan fandom often refer to Ethan and Grayson as Daddies. Grayson decided that it would be a good idea to see what it would be like to ‘be an actual daddy’. Two baby simulators and a lot of stress later, the Daddy challenge is born. Warning, this video does hit you in the feels. Ethan and Grayson make adorable fathers. Just please not any time soon lads.

2. Ethan Get His Wisdom Teeth Removed

If you think the Dolan Twins are funny normally, just wait until you see Ethan on the medication dentists use to remove wisdom teeth. Grayson films Ethan’s whole journey, and honestly from the second Ethan is out of surgery until the very end you will be laughing your head off.

3. Roasting Each Other- Diss Track

During the height of the diss-track trend, the Dolan Twins decided that instead of rapping about other YouTubers, they’d roast each other. The video is hilarious, and were proud to say we have memorised every single word.

4. Finding Out If We’re Real Twins

To celebrate their 18th birthdays, Ethan and Grayson decided to solve one of life’s biggest mysteries. Are they fraternal or identical twins? Since birth no one has known fully, so with the help from a DNA specialist and the twins’ own theories, the mystery is solved.

5. What’s in my bath challenge

Two very handsome 17 year old boys living alone in LA, what could they possibly get up to? It clearly isn’t partying or chasing models. In fact, they just blindfold each other in a bath tub and fill the bath up with some of the weirdest objects as the other has to guess what object is accompanying them. This video is incredibly funny and spoiler alert Grayson’s enthusiasm over a goldfish is possibly the cutest thing ever.

A massive congratulations to Ethan and Grayson for being our YouTuber Of The Week. We couldn’t think of anyone whose smiles are more infectious, or who bring as much joy as the Dolan Twins.

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