YouTuber of the Week: Jack Maynard

Another Sunday, another YouTuber of the Week!

This week, we decided to pass the YouTuber crown over to the hilarious Mr Jack Maynard!

Who is Jack Maynard?

Jack is a vlogger who started his channel on September 19th 2015, with content consisting mainly of challenge and comedy videos featuring his friends and family. His charismatic personality helped him garner over a million subscribers in just over a year. His short time on YouTube has also helped him land a slot as a Capital FM presenter alongside his brother, Conor. Jack also vlogs over on his second channel.

Why should you watch Jack?

Jack’s content is extremely lighthearted and incredibly funny, it is an instant mood lifter. He is incredibly charming and is able to draw you in immediately. As he often collaborates with friends such as Josh Pieters and Joe Sugg, you feel like you’re sat with friends catching up and having the best of times. His content is very current and up to date with the latest trends within the YouTube community. All in all, his content is easy to watch and extremely entertaining.

Five of Jack Maynard’s best videos

Say It Or Shot It ft Oli White

A challenge and a collab; two of the best ways to get views. Oli and Jack compete against each other with the punishment including some of the most disgusting shots they could think of.

The Yoga Challenge ft Josh Pieters

Jack jumped straight on the Yoga bandwagon and came out with a HILARIOUS video featuring former flatmate Josh.

Calling In Sick Prank

The internet went wild for the trend of calling in sick to places that they don’t work in mid 2016, and Jack was no exception to this. The comical video has become one of his most viewed on this channel.

The Helium Challenge ft ThatcherJoe and Conor Maynard

Jack’s second most popular video features his older brother and fellow YouTuber Joe Sugg in a musical challenge. The perfect pick-me-up video for any bad day.

Real Would You Rather ft ThatcherJoe

The most popular video on Jack’s channel for all the right reasons. The absurdly funny video shows the boys participating in THE best would you rather video on the internet.

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Written by Ellie Nicholas

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