YouTuber of the Week: Jessie Paege

It’s a new week, a new year, and time to present to you our new YouTuber of the Week! Last week we introduced you to Tyde Levi videos. This week, the title belongs to the funny, beautiful, and outgoing vlogger, Jessie Paege.

Who is Jessie Paege?

Jessie Paege, also known as ‘Mermaid Mom’ by her fans, is a teenage YouTuber from New Jersey who now resides in Florida. Her content includes everything from beauty tips, to DIY videos, and music suggestions. The diversity of each of her videos is most likely the reason her 1 million subscribers love watching her videos.

Jessie began her channel as a freshman in high school only three years ago, in December of 2013. She has since gained a massive viewer count at just 17 years old. When she first started her now self-titled channel, her channel was named ‘glamwithjessie’. Her videos were inspired by one of her favorite YouTubers, Bethany Mota, who Jessie acknowledges as the main reason she started her channel. She recently finished a tour with fellow YouTuber friends Niki and Gabi, Alyson Stoner, and Alisha Marie, called ‘Girls Night In’.

Why should you watch Jessie’s videos?

If you’re the type of person that enjoy memes, music, and fandoms, then you’ll definitely enjoy Jessie’s videos! Jessie Paege is confident, outspoken, relatable, and random. Her colorful personality (and appearance) is one thing that fans love about her. Her videos can be about something as random as what it’d be like if girls acted like guys or as serious as knowing it’s important to be yourself for yourself.

Jessie constantly uses her voice to spread positivity. She tweets about being true to yourself no matter what and films videos with important messages to show she cares about her viewers. Jessie is aware of the impact she has and uses it to give her viewers and followers advice.

Below we’ve created a list of five of Jessie’s must-watch videos!

1. 100 Best Songs You NEED To Hear!!!

Inspired by YouTubers like MayBaby, Rclbeauty101, and Niki and Gabbi, Jessie has created a series of videos with 100 song recommendations. The music she mentions in her videos varies from alternative songs to pop artists you’ve probably heard on the radio. If you’re the type of person who enjoys discovering new music, then you’ll love these videos!

2. 10 Weird Things YOU’RE SECRETLY DOING

In this video, Jessie calls us out for weird and awkward things we do. From cringing about things we did ages ago to picturing yourself as the main character of your favorite book, Jessie points out me of the weird things we constantly do. On the bright side, we can’t possibly be the only ones who do these things right?

3. DIY BAND Room Decor You NEED to Try!

Jessie’s popular ‘DIY Room Decor’ videos are a fan favorite. If you’re a not-so-creative fangirl who wants to decorate their room then you’ll find these videos helpful!

4. The Most Helpful Video for Fangirls EVER

Here, the Double Chin Queen, Jessie Paege, and her senpai, Colleen Kelly, give helpful tips on fangirling like a pro. Filled with plenty of odd tips on how to be a fangirl, this video isn’t very helpful… but it’s entertaining!

5. The Kids NOW vs. Kids THEN

In this video we have Jessie reminiscing about what kids were like years ago and what those kids are like now! Remember buying Danimals because the Sprouse twins were in the commercials? Or collecting Polly Pockets? Ah, those were the days…

Congratulations to Jessie Paege on being named this week’s YouTuber of the Week! Thanks for all your relatable and aesthetically pleasing videos. We appreciate your random, colorful videos and fangirl ways, don’t ever change!

Don’t forget to subscribe to Jessie Paege’s main channel here and to her side channel here. Make sure to check back next week to see who our YouTuber the Week will be and share your suggestions.

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Written by CelebMix