YouTuber of The Week: sophdoesnails

Another week has passed, so another YouTuber is due to be crowned as our very own YouTuber of The Week. This week, the title goes to sophdoesnails!

Soph started her channel in 2014 after initially posting videos of nail art on Instagram. She then took to YouTube with the same handle for easy access. Despite claiming that she ‘doesnails,’ the majority of Sophie’s content is about make up; sharing looks using both big and small brands. Sophie also often works in partnership with Make Up Revolution which lead to her creating two of her own palettes with the brand. They became one of the brand’s most popular palettes, even getting shoutouts from NikkieTutorials (one of Sophie’s personal favourites).

Why you should watch Sophie

As well as posting make up tutorials, Sophie also shares her honest opinions about some of the biggest make up brands out there, sharing her favourites and her not-so-favourites. Additionally, Soph loves to share both make up and fashion haul videos showing viewers her style and giving an insight into her massive make up collection.

As well as her main channel, Sophie shares more chatty videos such as storytimes, and follow-me-around videos on her vlogging channel sophdoesvlogs. On her vlogging channel, Sophie has also shared experiences with her viewers including her thoughts on drinking and her mental health struggles. Sophie has also collaborated with many UK YouTubers such as justjodes, sophhhielouise and jazzybum!

Our Top Five sophdoesnails Videos


The video that all Sophie fans were waiting for! The launch of Soph x Makeup Revolution was one of the most exciting videos for both Sophie and us viewers so of course it has to top the list of our must-watch videos! Not only has she created an incredible, pigmented and affordable palette but she also shares an unbelievable sample look in this video.


Any avid beauty YouTuber fan will know that a beauty channel is incomplete without a collection video and Sophie’s does not disappoint. One of her longer videos, Sophie goes into detail in this video on her collection, sharing her opinions and giving swatches throughout.


Another fave has to be this challenge video where Sophie’s boyfriend chose make up for her. This hilarious video will have you laughing from the start as we’re sure you can guess the outcome of the video…


Another challenge video we just had to include was this collab with sophhhielouise. The girls spend the whole video laughing and we know you will too! This is a great video that will have you grinning ear-to-ear from the word “go”!


One thing we all love about Sophie is how much she appreciates affordable make up as well as high-end brands. This video is a fab insight into an incredible look that shows that there maybe isn’t THAT much difference in what you can do with what is at your disposal!

So that rounds up this week’s YouTuber of the Week! Tell us your favourite sophdoesnails video by tweeting our CelebMix Twitter and check back next week to see who we’ve crowned as our next favourite!






Written by Zara Gibson