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YouTuber of the Week: Tom Fletcher

Welcome back to our YouTuber of the Week feature! Over the past months, we’ve shared some of our favourite YouTubers, who first made a name for themselves on the popular video sharing platform. Many have gone on to achieve great success from their videos, including launching their own products, starring in films, writing books and so much more.

However, today we’ve chosen someone who has done things a little differently, as he already had a successful career before he joined the vlogging world. Introducing…Mr Tom Fletcher!

Who is Tom Fletcher?

Tom Fletcher is a man of many talents. Best known for being 1/4 of band McFly, the singer/songwriter is also a loving father and husband, a children’s author and a vlogger. He created his personal account on YouTube on August 26, 2009 and started posting occasional videos, including footage from McFly gigs, videos about his cats and occasional covers.

However, on January 6, 2013, Tom posted a video which skyrocketed the popularity of his channel. Having married his wife Giovanna in 2012, he later decided to share a video of his wedding speech, which made McFly fans and members of the general public laugh, smile and sob uncontrollably. In one of the greatest wedding speeches of all time, Tom re-wrote some of McFly’s biggest songs in order to praise his wife and thank all of the people involved with the day. The video has over 18 million views to date.

Since then, Tom’s been a consistent vlogger, sharing similar content to what he used to upload. To date, his channel has over 618,000 followers and almost 90 million views. After the wedding speech video, he has also opened up and given us a glimpse into his wonderful family life. The ‘Dear Carrie’ series has become popular, with Tom sharing his week with sister Carrie through a vlog. The pair send videos to each other regularly, with Gi also joining in on the fun and creating more content.

Tom has also shared some of the biggest moments of his life with fans online. We’ve already mentioned his epic wedding speech, however, the aww-factor doesn’t stop there. Him and Giovanna are true relationship goals, and they’ve melted our hearts on numerous occasions, in particular when they announced that they were expecting their boys, Buzz and Buddy. Their kids have also become staple parts of Tom’s videos – oh how we wish we were a part of the Fletcher family!

Why should you watch Tom’s videos?

If you love music and funny videos about real life, then you will be hooked on Tom’s channel. We love any of his vlogs which include music, but the day-to-day life vlogs are truly special. It makes viewers feel as if they’re a part of his world, and we’re constantly laughing, smiling or crying over his content.

Tom is such a hilarious, humble, talented and inspiring individual, and it’s great to see little bits from every aspect of his life. From band life to family life, Tom is an all round good guy and you can’t help but fall in love with his personality, especially in the vlogs. He’s not the only star of his vlogs either. Gi, Buzz and Buddy are a big part of Tom’s videos, and we’ve lost count of how many times we’ve fawned over how precious the Fletchers are as a family.

For heartwarming, hit-you-in-the-feels videos which will make you go through a number of emotions, then Tom Fletcher is definitely your man.

Five of Tom’s must-watch videos

1. Bump to Buzz / Bump to Buddy

Okay, so we’re slightly cheating with this one as we’ve included two videos. After their first child Buzz was born, Tom shared a time lapse video of Gi’s pregnancy. Having taken a photo every day for the nine month period, the outcome was a beautiful video which saw Gi’s bump grow from day to day. Teamed up with a new song from Tom called ‘Something New’, it was a truly special way to look back on the first pregnancy. Of course, when Gi was expecting Buddy, they had to do it all over again, this time with Buzz included!

2. Dear Carrie: The One When I’m Awesomerer

This marked Tom’s first ever Dear Carrie video, a series which has since grown from strength to strength as Tom, Carrie and Gi continue to send videos to each other back and forth.

3. Mr and Mrs F: Love Is On The Radio

Every so often, Tom will share singing videos on his YouTube channel. Occasionally, he even teams up with Gi for beautiful duets, and this is definitely one of our favourites. In 2013, Tom and Gi paired up for a stunning version of McFly’s ‘Love Is On The Radio’ – there is no doubt that they are relationship goals through and through.

4. Challenge Tom: Write a Song in 5 Minutes

It’s common knowledge that Tom is one talented guy. He is incredibly creative and has proven this time and time again throughout the years with this songwriting. However, how quickly can he write a song? He took the ‘write a song in five minutes’ challenge and pretty much produced the cutest song ever.

5. Buzz and the Dandelions

If you weren’t already feeling all warm and fuzzy and glowy from Tom’s videos, then this one is bound to hit you in the feels. Who knew dandelions could be so funny?!

Congratulations to Tom Fletcher for being crowned CelebMix’s YouTuber of the Week! Make sure you subscribe to him on YouTube.

Check back next Sunday to see who will be taking the title. Don’t forget to send us your suggestions too!

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Written by Katrina Rees

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