YouTubers Speak Out About Orlando Shooting

Following the recent mass shooting at a gay club in Orlando, many celebrities have spoken out with their thoughts and prayers for those affected, and to also express opinions about what needs to change in our society. Many YouTubers have made videos in the past few days along similar lines. Here are someYouTubers that have spoken out about the tragedy in Orlando.

Tyler Oakley, as a member of the LGBTQ community, offers support, love and advice for those also within the community who may be scared to be themselves following this attack. He makes an interesting comparison to “Rainbow Road”, the track in Mario Kart that was hardest for him to beat, and how life for LGBTQ may not be easy, but they will still be proud and fight through the challenges.

Hannah Hart’s video offers another perspective from the LGBTQ community, and it’s quite a heartbreaking video to watch. The video touches on all the fear and hopelessness that many individuals are currently feeling, including Hannah. She really emphasizes the importance of taking action in order to make a change in our society.

Grace Helbig took more of an oversimplified route, to show just how easy it is to choose to not hurt others. She made short sketch, about one human interacting with another, and simply choosing not to hurt them. It is easy for anyone to understand the deeper meaning behind this video, how one bad choice someone makes can affect hundreds of people for the rest of their lives.

Kingsley has chosen to not take a political stance on the issue, and instead focuses on mourning the loss of those who died. He is another member of the LBGTQ community who feels scared and unsure after the shooting. He has also chosen to not upload any more videos this week as his own form of a moment of silence for the victims.

John Green’s video is short, but one of the most impactful. For the majority of the video, he reads out the full name of each of the 49 people who died. It may seem simple, but hearing the name of each person has a strong impact. It makes everyone realize that behind the desensitized number of 49, there were actual people who had families, friends and the rest of their lives to look forward to.

Savannah Brown wrote a poem about the tragedy of those who were just trying to be happy in a world that’s a unforgiving towards them, and suddenly losing their lives. The poem also touches on our broken society and raises the question “what do we do now?”

There are also many otherYouTubers who have spoken about the shooting, whose videos you should definitely watch if you haven’t already. These include: Lilly SinghThe Eh Bee Family, Colleen Evans, Joshua Evans, Julien Solomita and Kory Desoto. There are also countless otherYouTubers who have expressed their thoughts and opinions on Twitter.

It is a beautiful thing to see so many content creators on YouTube using their platform and large followings to speak about important issues that affect our society, and to honour the victims of this attack. Victims of the shooting, their friends and family, and the LGBTQ community; know that the youtube community is trying their best to support and protect you, and to work for change in our society.

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.