YouTubers you should watch in honour of Trans Day Of Visibility (TDOV)

If you didn’t already know, today is Transgender Day Of Visibility (TDOV) – a day in which trans, non-binary, intersex and other genders celebrate their identities by taking over social media.

March 31st is used to encourage these communities to be proud of who they are while sharing positivity, support and personal stories.

Today is incredibly vital in allowing trans, intersex and non-binary individuals to bring attention to what they have gone through and connect with one another.

Even more importantly, it allows those yet to be open or feel alone in who they are to acknowledge that they too have a future and be exposed to useful resources.

Transgender Day Of Visibility brings hope to a community that has otherwise been confined by society.

To honour today’s important day, we encourage you to check out these lovely, creative individuals.

Kaitlyn Alexander

Missing those Paris vibes right about now. (And the food. The food was so good.)

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Kaitlyn is a non-binary YouTuber who plays LaFontaine in popular web series Carmilla. They created their channel realisticallysaying in 2011, which features original songs covers, vlogs and hilarious interviews with other creators (such as Ash Hardell and Alayna Fender).

Miles McKenna

I'm playing hooky ?: @nowthisisliving

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Miles is best known for their/his laugh-out-loud videos over on MilesChronicles. The queer activist has recently brought out a show called ‘Hella Gay’ which tackles topics vital to the LGBTQIA+ community.

Gigi Gorgeous

listening to someone talk but really thinking about food

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The stunning Gigi Gorgeous is an internet and TV personality who started her channel by sharing makeup tutorials back in 2008. She is celebrating TDOV by sharing stories and images of those who have inspired her over on her Instagram. Gigi notes: “Today is all about empowerment and acknowledging the fucking amazing accomplishments trans people all around the world have had.”

Kat Blaque

Edgiest in the game

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Content creator and artist Kat Blaque is a trans woman who uses her platform and channel (TransDIYer) to educate others on social justice issues.

Dylan, skellydun

pretty sure it's a national crime if someone moves once a cat has fallen asleep on them

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Known best for his/their hysterical and relatable blogging on Tumblr, Dylan is a trans guy from Pittsburgh who shares storytime and chatty videos on his/their channel… with videos often featuring a very familiar Harry Styles.

Riley J. Dennis

I have merch now! ? if you want this mug, check out my most recent video! link in my bio ?

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Activist and public speaker, Riley J. Dennis is a non-binary transgender woman who makes highly informative videos about intersectionality, feminism and politics. Plus, she’s hysterical, just look at this tweet:

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